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Our Savouries Range

  • Beef Bolognaise

  • Butter Chicken

  • Moroccan Lamb

  • Peppered Beef

  • Bacon & Egg

  • Mince

  • Potato Top

  • Cocktail Chicken Sausage Roll

  • A gourmet savoury filled with an Italian styled beef mince.
  • An Indian classic, filled with moist chicken in a rich, mild sauce.
  • An exotic savoury filled with NZ’s finest lamb, with Moroccan seasoning.
  • Hearty beef mince lightly seasoned with black pepper.
  • A savoury with a traditional bacon & egg filling.
  • A traditional savoury consisting of a kiwistyle mince filling, a pastry shell & a flaky top.
  • A small potato topped savoury with a delicious mince filling.
  • A delicious chicken sausage roll filling wrapped in a light flaky pastry.

Our hearty savoury range offers the Party Pack - the traditional home style favourites or the Premium Pack - a selection of international flavours for those who prefer something a little more exotic. Using only the highest quality New Zealand sourced ingredients, our savouries are so deliciously good and with a guaranteed delight in every bite that will see you going back for more.

Our Premium Savoury Pack

Beef Bolognaise | 12 pieces
Butter Chicken | 12 pieces
Moroccan Lamb | 12 pieces
Peppered Beef | 14 pieces

Our Party Savoury Pack

Bacon & Egg | 12 pieces
Mince | 12 pieces
Potato Top | 12 pieces
Cocktail Chicken Sausage Roll | 14 pieces